Advising on research methods: A consultant’s companion

Advising on research methods

A consultant’s companion

Genre: Handbook/Textbook on research advising
Authors: Herman J. Adèr, Gideon. J. Mellenbergh (with contributions by David J. Hand)
ISBN: 97-890-79418-09-1 (Hardcover, sewed)
Price: €92,5 ($ 104,-)
First Edition: 2008
Website: www.jvank.nl/ARMHome 

Advising on research methods: A consultant’s companion by Herman Adèr, Gideon Mellenbergh and David Hand is a handbook for those who are giving advice on research methods in the social and behavioral sciences, including medicine and epidemiology.

It takes the perspective of a statistical advisor who wants to assist researchers to produce better – more accurate, valid, and reliable – results. The book is explicitly intended to be used for instruction. Each chapter has an Exercise section, while the chapter texts are interspersed with ‘Topics for classroom discussion’.

As to the contents: the book follows the research cycle. It starts from general considerations on research quality and publishing, then discusses different design strategies, the choice and construction of measurement instruments and the data analysis process including the interpretation of the analysis results.

A positive review by Peter Wludyka (University of North Florida; I am fond of the book’s opening sentence reminding the reader that a consultant should be “available, affable, and able” in decreasing order of importance. and The authors have produced a useful book that someone in the early stages of a consulting career should find especially helpful and easy to use) has appeared in the Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials section of the November 2009 issue of The American Statistician.

Another very favorable review by Yves Laberge (Laval University, Canada; Advising on research methods is one of the most impressive books on methodology I have read in recent years. and Herman Adèr, Don Mellenbergh and David Hand have made a tremendous job…), appeared in the Febuary 2011 issue of the Journal of Applied Statistics.

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