Father, Mother,

Genre: Literary fiction,Novella
Author: Herman Adèr
eBoek: ISBN 978-90-79418-62-6
Price: €5.-
Hardcover: ISBN 978-90-79418-51-0
First imprint:2017
Price: €9,25
Website: www.jvank.nl/FatherMother

In this novella from Herman Adèr, the autobiographical elements are moreobvious than in his previous novellas and stories. Yet, the first-person narrator isnowhere centre stage, the father and the mother remain the main characters allalong. However, this detached manner of writing emphasizes how very evocativevarious scenes are. It could be said that the novella deals with Death. With the sudden death of the father, and with the slow, painful deterioration of the mother into her dementia, followed by death. Yet it is not a sad novella. This is caused by the indestructible cheerfulness that the mother possesses, which never leaves her, not even at the end of her life, when she hardly recognizes anyone and her world becomes ever more limited. It is as if people near hersuffer more in the end than she does herself. The novella ‘Father, mother,’ istranslated from the Dutch novella ‘Vader, Moeder’, also published by Johannes vanKessel.

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